Private Consultations
offered in your home.

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What we do

We start with an inclusive interview to identify your most pressing goals with your dog. Then, depending on your previous dog training experience (and none is necessary) you'll learn the most effective ways to train your dog for certain specific behaviors. Examples include:

Having him lay down and stay while the family eats a meal in peace

Having him wait at doorways instead of lunging out ahead of you

Eliminating destructive chewing while you're gone

Sitting and waiting to be greeted instead of jumping all over people

Walking on a leash without pulling

Going to the bathroom on command

Coming to you when called, even in the presence of tempting distractions




How it works:

You can call (650-619-9910) or email me to request an appointment. Appointments are a minimum of one hour, and cost $80 per hour. Partial hours after the first are billed in 15-minute increments. I usually keep sessions to one hour-- it's hard for you to absorb new information after that.

A 15% discount is available when you buy a "6-pack" in advance. You can pay via paypal, here:

Or, you can send a check through the mail.

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy:

Once an appointment is made, sometimes your plans may change and you may need to reschedule. Cancellations of an appointment (and rescheduling) must be done 3 full days in advance so I can have a better chance of rebooking that time. Cancellations or reschedules made after that time will incur a nonrefundable $40 fee.

Out of respect for your time, if I need to reschedule an appointment with you and if I'm unable to give you less than 3 days notice, I will deduct $40 from my fee. Time commitment is a two way street.