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Discover Dogs! is the Bay Area's new television show about dogs, dog training, dog sports and activities, and the wonderful bond between people and their dogs.

Discover Dogs! airs on Pacifica Community Television's Channel 26 on Wednesdays at 8PM and also Sundays at 6:30PM.
iscover Dogs! is produced and hosted by professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist Diane Bassett.

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Show topics
Hall of Fame honoring all the great dog owners and dogs who have obtained their AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate

Show topics:
Welcome viewers! As promised, here is more information about the various topics on our show.

Canine Aggression with Pia McGovern
Dog crates, dog treats, tonail clipping and teeth brushing
Tools for training (and living with) your dog
Dog Nutrition

Search and Rescue Dogs


Therapy Dogs
Letting Go: Managing the end of your dog's life
Finding the right dog for you - part 1- Rescue organizations
Finding the right dog for you - part 2- Working with an animal shelter
Finding the right dog for you - part 3- Factors to consider if you have kids
Agility! The most fun a dog and person are legally allowed to have!

All about dog shows (coming soon!)
Sheep herding! (coming soon!)
Taking your dog to Lake Tahoe (coming soon!)
Hiking with your dog (coming soon!)
Finding the right dog for you - part 4- Finding and working with a good, ethical breeder (coming soon!)




The Bay Racers Flyball Club is a SF and peninsula based club that trains either in San Leandro or at the SF SPCA. For more information, check out their website at You can email them here.

Pawdemonium is another flyball club that covers the south bay (San Jose area). They recently sponsored the Bay Area's first flyball tournament, which was a huge success (video footage was featured on our show). Be sure to drop them a note and tell them to keep up the great work! Their website is and you can email them here.

The North American Flyball Association's website is and a document explaining all the rules about flyball is available here.


Therapy dogs

Our guests, Cathy Bones and Lyn Belingheri, (and Diane Bassett, the show host) are members of Peninsula Pet Assisted Therapy Teams, a club of therapy dog volunteers in the Bay Area serving several local facilities.

For more info on PPATT, check out the website at

There are a few good books on the subject of therapy dogs... Hospice Hounds ; Therapy Dogs ; Organization and Management of a K9 Therapy Group

For more links on therapy dogs, click here.


Letting Go: Managing the end of your dog's life

Our guests, Dr. Gary Hurlbut of the Pacifica Pet Hospital, and Dr. Betty Carmack of the SF SPCA offer advice and resources for those who need to navigate the end phase of their dog's life, or support a friend or loved one who is going through this.

You can order Dr. Carmack's new book. Grieving the Death of a Pet. Click here to find out how!

Click here to see the list of how to take care of yourself after your pet dies.


Our sponsors: Discover Dogs! is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. Please support them, and be sure to tell them you saw their sponsorship on Discover Dogs!