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Discover Dogs! is the Bay Area's new television show about dogs, dog training, dog sports and activities, and the wonderful bond between people and their dogs.Discover Dogs! airs on Pacifica Community Television's Channel 26 on Wednesdays at 8PM and also Sundays at 6:30PM.
iscover Dogs! is produced and hosted by professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist Diane Bassett.

All about dog crates

Please note that puppies cannot be left in crates for 8 hours a day-- you can crate the pup during the day one hour for each month of the pup's age. A 4 month old pup can probably be OK for 4 hours at a stretch, assuming you've adequately pottied him beforehand. A 6 month old pup can be crated for 6 hours. Never crate any dog for more than 8 hours at a stretch-- your dog will need to relieve himself and drink water by then.

Be sure you plan ways to adequately meet your dog's needs for exercise each day. Dogs that are crated frequently will need more than a casual walk around the block to stay in shape physically-- they'll need a good aerobic workout every day.

Info about introducing your dog to a crate, why it's OK to crate, etc:

Suppliers of dog crates:

Pet Supply Online
Cabana (soft sided) crates