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The American Kennel Club started a certification program in 1989 that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Known as "The Canine Good Citizen Program", it is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the CGC test receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club and as of January 1, 1999, they are automatically recorded in the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Archive. When you see a the initials "CGC" after a dog's name, it means they have achieved this very important certificate.

Dogs don't need to be registered with the AKC nor do they need to be purebred in order to train for, test for and achieve this certificate. Every responsible dog owner in America should strive to achieve the CGC certificate for each of his or her dogs. You can find out more about what's in the CGC test here.

"Discover Dogs!" and Dog Training With Diane is proud to honor the dogs and owners who have taken the initiative to get the Canine Good Citizenship certificate!

If you and your dog have achieved the CGC certificate, please email me and send me a photo and the details so we may also honor you in this Hall of Fame. You deserve it!

This flying dog is Ginger, owned by the amazing and talented 13-year-old Brittany Wolf. Brittany adopted Ginger when Ginger was 1 year old and has done all the training with her. They have since appeared on numerous TV shows, performed at baseball games, NFL, NBA, AFL, and many more. They have been on stage, in arenas, in newspapers. Brittany's bedroom walls are filled with awards, ribbons and certificates.

To the right is a picture of her performing at the SF Incredible Dog Challenge in 2000. We are honored to have her in the CGC Hall of Fame.

This is Kathy Charles and her chocolate lab, Cooper. (Also pictured is her newer service dog in training, Simba). Kathy's been raising service dogs for many years now and Cooper was her very first service dog in training.

Kathy writes, "Cooper was a very good pup, very laid back. He was so laid back, we had to wake him up periodically during classes to work! I really enjoyed him. We did our CGC test at a dog show in 1996 where we had a table for our program. He went back for his advanced service dog training later that year. He passed all his training and was matched with a young 7 yr old boy with cerebral palsy. I was so proud of him. He was a treasure."

(Kathy is currently raising another service dog, Chopper. He's a 10 week old border collie).

Kathy Tallant raised this lab, Boomer, as a guide dog for Guide Dogs of America. He proudly achieved his CGC on March 12th, 2000 in Palm Springs. Boomer is very people oriented and we figured he would be calm enough after the long ride, and he was. Boomer had a "career change" from the guide dog life after 2 months of training and Kathy got to keep him. He is now a puppyraiser for other guide dog pups, along with the rest of her family. He also likes to watch Emeril and has ambitions of cooking hamburger for his dinner.
Paul Dutill writes about his Great Dane, Cheyanne:

" My girl is a 36" 150lb brindle Great Dane. I started training her when she was 9 weeks old. I not only taught her to have manners but also took her many different places and introduced her to new people, dogs, cats, distractions. When she was 8 months old I took her to obedience classes.Cheyanne earned her CGC on September 1, 2001. She also got her CD (that's an obedience title from the AKC) on August 31, 2002.
Her name is Kahlua's Cheyanne Princess, CD, CGC."

"FERGIE" (on the right) and "JP" (on the left) are Yorkshire Terriers who have both earned their CGC Certification.

"FERGIE", born 2/14/97 has never let her 4 pounds hold her back. After earning her CGC in 1998 she went on to earn both Obedience and Tracking Titles! "Fergie" has earned CD titles in both AKC and UKC and is the first Yorkshire Terrier in breed history to earn a TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) title. "Fergie" has also done modeling and is a TDI Therapy Dog. Her official registered name is U-CD Illusion's Sarah Ferguson, TDX, CD.

"JP", born 5/30/00 has been an overachiever since he flew home from his breeder in Kansas. "JP" started tracking at 12 weeks of age and earned his TD at 1 year and 3 days old. In August of 2001 he earned his CGC and TDI Certifications at the Dog Days of Wisconsin Summer Camp and has never looked back. From November of 2002 to February of 2003 he earned SIX titles including UKC U-CD and U-AG1 titles and AKC CD, NA and NAJ titles which earned him one of the new AKC Versatile Companion Dog titles and is now only the third yorkie to earn a VCD title. "JP" is now, U-CD, U-AG1 Illusion's Jaws With Paws, VCD1 (CD, TD, NA, NAJ). Besides all he has accomplished he is a sweet and loves everyone he comes in contact with.

Arlene King, owner of both "Fergie" and "JP" is an AKC CGC Evaluator. Based on her and her dog's accomplishments, she's been a very busy dog owner! Congrats, Arlene!

The Great Dane you see belongs to Charles Marcantonio.

He writes, "She is wonderful smart, kind, intelligent, and beautiful. Her name is ThorKourt's Kasi Koetreva. She was born on 12-15-99.
She received her American Championship on 4-14-02, her Canadian Championship on 6-1-02, her Obedience CD on 9-28-02, and her CGC on 11-17-02. We are trying for five titles in 12 months. She has one of her needed CDX legs and should get those by the end of 3-03! She is scheduled for her therapy testing on 5/24/03. So she could have 6 titles by 6/1/03. She has been Best of Breed and taken first place in Obedience! She was bred by MJ Cohen of ThorKourt Kennels, Coopersburg, PA, a breeder of many wonderful and Champion Danes. Mine is a Blue Dane. Just a wonderful personality. Great with other creatures of all types. She is the mother of 8. One daughter should also become an American Breed Champion within the month!"

Once again, a dog owner who is very active with his dog and obviously takes great joy in their wonderful relationship. Congrats, Charles!
This Great Dane's "call name" is Norma Jean and her AKC registration name is CH. Grandview Limited Edition CGC. Norma Jean is owned by Craig & Sally Lynn & Co-owned by Nancy Lerch TXC. Sally writes,

"Norma is from our first litter ,born 7/13/98 she was Best Junior Bitch at the Great Dane Club of America in the futurity 1999.

She finished her champion ship in June of 2002. After her chimpion ship she was going to fun matches with our grandson 9yrs old. They was in the peewee jrs. she had a litter of 4 girls, lst Nov. and will
be in the Jr. ring with our grandson a few times this summer. She was breed & owner handled to her Championship
by her daddy. She is the love of our life. He daddy (dog) is also a Champion& CGC. By the way one of her baby girls at 14weeks is already in training for therapy work."

Congratulations, Sally and Craig and Nancy!
Dutches is owned by Diane Farrar-Sanderson and is a therapy dog in addition to having her CGC!